Welcome to Vom Münster German Shepherds

We are a small German shepherd breeder located in Nine Mile Falls, Washington just on the outskirts of Spokane. We enjoy training/working with our dogs in obedience, tracking, and protection as well as meeting with like-minded people in the same field of work. Our dogs are raised in home on almost 2 acres of property with plenty of room to run and train. They were raised with kids and each have their own unique personalities. They are also H.O.T. (handler owner trained)!
All of our dogs are raised and hand picked by us with extensive research in top quality imported German Shepherd bloodlines from East, West, DDr, and Czech. Our German Shepherds has dark sable pigmentation or black fur coat. We focus on the strong quality of their temperament, high drive, and health of this breed. All puppies will be evaluated and placed in compatible homes. For more details on available puppies, please contact us